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Brugmansia - Angel Trumpet Plants

Brugmansia are to the garden what spice and aroma candles are to your living spaces. Big, bold and scentabulous, they are at their most fragrant before nightfall: Just in time to add a scentsational dimension to your evening. Not only are Angel trumpet plants fragrant, their bold foliage adds a tropical touch to the garden or patio.

Plants are growing in half-gallon pots unless otherwise noted.
Light: full to partial sun
Soil: well drained soil, Brugs like plenty of water and fertilizer
Growth Rate: moderate to fast, if a variety is a slow grower, it's noted in the description
Hardiness: Zones 7 through 10, suitable for container planting in cooler zones

Angel Trumpet - Peach
Flowers open a creamy white and turn a beautiful shade of pale pink/peach as they mature.

Incredible fragrance and very vigorous bloomer. Great plants to start or add to your brug collection!

1 Plant
Not Available

$5/unrooted Cutting

New Introduction:
Brugmansia 'Papa's Girls'

Triple light peach with very long tendrils. Citrus scent. Grows 10-12 feet tall.
Hybridizer: S. B. Jarrett

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia Fruit Salad
Brugmansia Fruit Salad
Brugmansia Fruit Salad is an Arghya Gardens hybrid registered in 2012. Fruit Salads blooms are lovely double to triple flowers that are alternately colored shell pink, yellow, light orange, medium orange and kind of a shrimpy pink/orange.

1 Plant, 1/2 gallon

$12/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Miss September'
This is a Karchesky Canna Garden hybrid registered in 2013 by Alice Harris. The double flowers are mix of pink and yellow to gold.

1 Plant, 1/2 gallon

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia Miss November
Brugmansia 'Miss November'
This is a Karchesky Canna Garden hybrid registered in 2012 by Alice Harris. The double flowers are mix of yellow/orange to orange/gold

1 Plant, 1/2 gallon
2 Available

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Adeline'
One of the nicest double pinks available. It's a Ludger Schneider hybrid. The flowers are large with long tendrils and holds their shape and color for several days. Blooms have close but well seperated skirts giving the flower a "full" appearance. Good fragrance.

1 Plant, 1/2 gallon

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Naughty Nick'
An orange double with the look of a ballerina's tutu. I lost the first set of pictures, but believe me, it's a stunner. I am hoping it will soon put on another flush in the greenhouse for new pictures.

1 Plant

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'New Orleans Lady'
Double orange 2006 introduction. Blooms open a dazzling white and over the next couple of days change through peach to the lovely orange shown in the photo.
Incredible Fragrance -- like fresh cut lemons!

1 Plant

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Painted Lady'
'Painted Lady' is a deep pink/almost red Brugmansia, hybridized by Bonnie Vaughn. Beautiful large blooms that are perfectly shaped and highly fragrant. Stunning.

Standard Size - (~1 foot tall)
Super Size - (~2-3 feet tall)

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Irish Smiles'

Single pink with long,curly tendrils and pronounced green edge. Beautiful form and a light, fresh scent.
Hybridizer: S. B. Jarrett

1 plant

$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Panhandle Princess'
Another lovely introduction from hybridizer Ludger Schneider of Germany. Beautiful and large pink blooms with a distinctive star center. Very limited quantity.

1 Plant
Rooting NOW - Ready SOON
$10/unrooted cutting

Brugmansia 'Snowbank' PP14817

Fragrant, peach colored blooms of immense proportions drop from some of the most stunning tri-colored foliage you have ever seen. Prefers semi-shade and is a slow grower.

1 gallon (~1½ feet tall, measured from soil level)
3 gallon (~3½ feet tall)

Available Spring 2016

will be auctioned in our eBay store.

Colocasia Puckered Up

Colocasia 'Puckered Up' - Black Elephants Ears

This is one of the cutest, most attractive colocasias released in a long time. I love how the light plays off of each pucker to make the foliage look a lot like a shiny turtle shell.

1 plant growing in pint pot
Mature Size 3-4' tall by 3-4' wide
USDA 8-11, full sun to partial shade

$7.00 each
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