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New: Mini container and fairy garden accents

NEW from Georgetown USA: Whimsical Animal Planters to bring an element of surprise and delight to your garden. Although enjoyable indoors, these planters are crafted with high durability and are intended for extended outdoor use. Georgetown USA has perfected an overspray technique using UV protected paint plus a powder-coat process. This not only makes these high quality animal planters extremely durable, but also gives a rich depthness in shading from the start and as it ages. Legs and paws are permanently connected to the holder for lifelong stability. Shiny glass marble eyes at just the right hues catch the warm sunshine and your heart at the same time.

Mini Spinners

Does your container or fairy garden need some motion? These metal mini spinners work just like their big cousins and come in three designs.

Left to right: Flower, Wagonwheel, Pinwheel

Approximately 10 inches tall, copper colored steel

Live Moss

Moss provides soothing shades of green and incredibly eye-catching textures, it is also unbelievably low maintenance. Once watered thoroughly, the micro-landscape of a moss garden requires next to nothing to keep it growing - even for weeks on end without watering.

Moss plants obtain all their nutrients from the air, they require nothing more than shade and occasional moisture to flourish. This makes them perfect for mini/fairy gardens, indoor terrariums, dish gardens and, of course, outside in any shady spot.

3 varieties per package, shipped dry in dormant state. Instructions included.
small: approx 1 ounce ~ enough for one planter
large: approx 5 ounce ~ covers about 2 square feet

Flamingo Pot Hangers
Made of metal with a durable powder-coat finish these flamingos will add some extra interest to your pots. Birds are mounted to a spring giving it "bobble action" in a slight breeze.
Set of 3. each approximately 8-1/2 inches long and made to fit narrow edged flower pots.
 Free Shipping

MINI Violet Cat Planter
This mini vivacious violet cat planter is PURRfect for those who want to show off their wild side. Violet has grayish purple glass eyes under purrfectly curled eyelashes.

Planter 11.5" tall, holds 4 " Pot

MINI Stray Kitty Planter
Are you ready to give a forever home to this adorable Kitty? A springy tail and spring mounted head will have this fun loving planter bobbing and purring with excitement at any slight touch of attention.

Planter 10" tall, holds 4 " Pot
Out of Stock

MINI Little Kitty Planter
Whimsical and PURRfect playmate for the stray and/or glamour kitty.

Planter 11.5" tall, holds 4 " Pot
Out of Stock

MINI Glamour Cat Planter
Glamour is perfect for the gardening cat lover in your life. She looks ready to follow you straight to the garden. Head will move in a breeze.

Planter 10" tall, holds 4 " Pot
Out of Stock

Mama Bear Planter
Let Mama and her cub watch over your favorite potted plants. The metal design is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, so they don't need to hibernate for the winter. Features glass marble eyes and "springy" heads that move in the breeze.

Planter 22" tall, holds 6" Pot
Out of Stock

MINI Bao Bao The Shih Tzu Planter
How can you resist...tiny and adorable!

Planter 12" tall, holds 4" Pot
Out of Stock

MINI Buddy the Lab Planter
Looking for a new best friend? Meet Buddy, one dog you won't want to shoo out of your garden.
Planter 12" tall, holds 4" Pot
Out of Stock

MINI Rowdy The Puppy Dog Planter
There's nothing better than a boisterous pup loving his outdoor garden! Get ready to meet Rowdy the Puppy Dog Planter, always full of energy and ready to play!

Planter 9" tall, holds 4" Pot

MINI Doc the Rooster Planter
A spring tail and spring mounted head complete with feathers will have this fun loving metal rooster planter pecking with playful excitement at any slight touch of attention. Rustic Red finish.

Planter 13" tall, holds 4" Pot

large $14.00  

Watering Balls
Decorative and functional!
NOT as seen on TV - NOT mass-produced in China!
Hand Blown in Poland from Recycled Glass, these balls will keep your plants moist for days on end. Simply fill with water and push the stem into the soil. Multiple, vivid colors complement any plant. Attractively boxed with instructions on how to use. Great addition for indoor and outdoor plants alike.

Large 3.5" Diameter, 10" stem, holds ~1.5 cups

SunCalc - Sunlight Measuring Device
Put your plants where they want to be. No more guessing and hoping you picked the right spot.
Designed for use during the growing season, this meter measures the duration and intensity of sunlight falling at a given spot over a 12-hour period, indicating results as full sun, partial sun, partial shade or full shade (to match common planting guidelines).
Durable and water resistant, it is 7-1/2" long with an anodized aluminum stake and an ABS casing. A 3V lithium battery is included.
Though not a panacea for all garden problems, it can help you locate plants where they will grow best and determine why certain plants aren't thriving.

One (1) SunCalc® unit, new in box with full instructions battery included
Out of Stock
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