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Not wholly in the busy world, not quite beyond it, blooms the garden that I love.


From the GTG Garden and Greenhouse

The greenhouse is empty and ready to receive plants. This summer has been wet and cooler than usual. The daylilies have put on a marvelous show and the reblooming varieties are sending up amazing quantities of new flower stalks. The canna are spectacular. Possibly one of the best summer flower shows I have enjoyed in our garden in several years.


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Can I Grow Canna?

by Dava Stewart

If you prefer plants that don’t need much babying (as I do), cannas are for you. With remarkably little work, cannas offer lush foliage and spectacular, long-lasting blooms. My first experience with cannas was when someone said, “I’m getting ready to mow those things down. Do you want to dig some up?” Anytime someone asks that question I’m there with a shovel in the blink of an eye.

I planted the bulbs and the first year dark green leaves grew to about two and a half feet tall and bright yellow flowers appeared. It was love at first bloom. As usual, at the end of the season, I decided to move the cannas (it seems like I move everything, every year!), and divided them, placing some in a bed that is more shaded than most of the rest of my yard, and some in a a full sun area at the edge of my compost bin.

The next year, the shaded cannas grew some lovely leaves, but didn’t bloom. The ones in full sun reached 5-6 feet tall and bloomed like crazy for a couple of months. The next year, the patch of cannas in the sun doubled or tripled in size, and the shaded ones repeated their no-bloom-but-lovely-leaves performance.

Now, those bright yellow cannas in the sunshine take up about a six foot circular area and look like something you might see in the tropics. Those in the shade have yet to bloom (I’ve got to move them this year). With my new-found love of cannas, I picked up a couple of new varieties at the semi-annual Green Thumbs Galore Driveway Sale.

One is Canna ‘Tropical Sunrise’ and it is now vying to be my favorite flower in the garden. The bloom is a deep peachy color, shot through with yellow, and a darker salmon color. It is stunning, and does recall the beauty of a sunrise at the beach.

The other new variety in my garden this year is Canna ‘Carnival’. It is a dwarf variety, so shouldn’t get much more than two or three feet tall, and the bloom is a soft, delicate pink. It brings to mind the color of the inside of a shell. I cannot wait to see if these two varieties spread the way those first, yellow ones did.

It should be noted that I haven’t done anything besides plant the cannas. It has been a wet summer, so I haven’t even watered them at all--and they are growing and thriving and bringing spectacular beauty to every day.

Besides being super easy to grow, there are cannas in an amazing range of colors. Just in my yard there are yellow, peachy, and pink. Some neighbors down the street have a huge stand of red ones. Last week, I saw some in a landscape that had reddish leaves and orange flowers. There are dwarf varieties, and very tall varieties. The point is: there is a canna for every garden!

As fall is rapidly approaching, it’s time to mention the Green Thumbs Galore semi-annual driveway sale! The Fall Sale will be October 5-6, the first weekend of October, and if you are near or planning a trip to Chattanooga, we would love to meet you! It’s always fun to meet other gardeners in person, and hear about your gardens and learn what you love. So, if you get the chance, come on by and visit with us.


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Tropical Sunrise