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One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.

~ W. E. Johns ~

From the GTG Garden and Greenhouse

January is the month of looking through catalogs that promise color and beauty for the coming season. It's the month for making lists of seeds to order, plants to buy and projects to tackle for 2012. I am resolving to plant at least 5 new fruit trees, try out growing potatoes and clean up the pot storage area. And, this year, I will organize my plant and garden pictures. Let's hear about your plans for 2012 - join us on facebook!

Happy New Year, Belle

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Resolutions from a Gardener

by Dava Stewart

Do you make New Year's Resolutions for your garden? In the past I have resolved to quit smoking, change jobs, lose weight, and all sorts of other things. Sometimes those resolutions have stuck and been successful, and some years they were forgotten by February 1. This year, though, I have big plans and am going to make most of my resolutions garden-related. Here are my five gardening goals for 2012:

1.Try lasagna gardening.
This one has been on my mind since last spring when Belle  suggested it as a way around digging a new bed with the mattock, which, around here, is also known as the "truck on a stick." For the last few months, I have been collecting cardboard to go on the bottom, and deciding exactly how much I want to expand my existing gardening area.
Rather than simply trying lasagna gardening, I am going to document each step of   the process - whether it goes well or not! - with photos on the Green Thumbs Galore Facebook Page. If you aren't already connected with us there, look us up and give us a "like" so you can follow along as I fulfill (or fail to fulfill) this resolution.

2. Get some chickens.
This one may not seem garden-related, but I am dreaming of fabulous compost, along with fresh eggs. I have wanted a few chickens for years, and this spring we are finally going to go fowl.

3. Grow more fruit.
Right now, I have a grape vine (that was planted last spring, and didn't make grapes this year), strawberries, a raspberry bush, and a peach tree that has only produced peaches one time in the six years I have lived here. I plan to add some blueberry bushes, a plum tree and a couple of apple trees.

4. Work on expanding my potager.
I've had a small flower bed just outside our kitchen door for years, and add a bit to it each year. Calling a potager makes it all the more fun! This year, I want to add a few more veggies and herbs. It is so nice to literally step out the door and gather ingredients for dinner!

5. Learn about bees.
As with chickens, I have been curious about bees for years. At Thanksgiving an aunt told me she has hives in storage and lots of books on the subject. I found a local beekeepers' association that is open and invites anyone interested in learning to their monthly meetings, so there is really no excuse to give it a shot. There is no doubt my garden will benefit from a few extra pollinators.

Sometimes sharing your resolutions makes you feel a little more accountable, and provides some extra motivation. At least, that’s what I’m hoping this edition of our newsletter will do.

Could you use a bit of accountability and motivation when it comes to the garden?  We would love to hear about your gardening goals. Look us up on Facebook and share your 2012 gardening resolutions with us!


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