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There is nothing more agreeable in a garden than good shade, and without it, a garden is nothing.

~Betty Langley~

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I am still in the leg brace and the weeds are laughing. I have a new appreciation for the phrase 'the garden just got away from me'.
Jeff and I thinned out several varieties of iris and a few trays of them are still waiting to be replanted. Follow us on facebook ~ I will be giving away extras for postage as I get them sorted!
Happy July 4th, Belle
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The Light Fades & It's All Worthwhile

by Dava Stewart

Gardening is such a versatile activity that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Some people garden for the sheer joy of nurturing growing, living things, while others are concerned about health and food safety. I recently met a guy who gives away most of the produce from his garden; he enjoys growing and sharing his harvest more than eating it.

Most of us discover some unexpected joy in the garden. I never realized how much I like using fresh herbs for cooking until there was a basil patch growing just outside my kitchen door, or that both the leaves and the flowers of nasturtium added so much interest to a salad. One gardening pleasure that seems universal, though, is the thorough enjoyment of a summer evening.

Whether you have flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees or some combination, the quiet time after a hot, busy day seems to hold some special magic of its own. When my own children were small, we had an almost nightly warm weather ritual of capturing lightning bugs, usually as the grill cooled. Summer evenings outside are the stuff of freezing January daydreams.

We usually begin the evening on a porch swing in the shade of a giant oak tree. It’s the perfect spot to sit while the heat of the day ebbs away and the insects start to sing. Later, as the air cools even more, we move around the house, where we can see our two small gardens. Even if they both need to be weeded, it’s a pretty good view. Hostas that looked exhausted a few short hours ago seem to perk up, daylilies look like they are having a party along the edges of the garden and the vegetable plants all seem to sigh with relief as the sun drops lower in the sky. 

The evening is the perfect time to enjoy the fruits of your garden labor: the scents of blooming flowers, a dinner of fresh produce, bright blooms as the light fades. Four o’clocks are a great choice for people who like to sit out and watch their gardens as the day winds down, and if you have a trellis or an arbor, moonflowers are lovely. The soft, silver leaves of lambs’ ear seems to shine in the evenings.

Sometimes, as the heat of summer begins to wear on us and the chores seem never-ending, gardeners might begin to wonder, “Is this really worth it?” and contemplate planting a little less next year. An evening on the porch, sipping cool lemonade, watching the night come to life is often the answer. Yes, it’s worth the effort.


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