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A flower touches everyone's heart.

~Georgia O'Keefe~

Another dry Summer?

I wandered through the mess that part of our garden has become from the new greenhouse construction, lots of new planting areas in the making. Now just what to plant?

We had the worst drought last summer, so for the new areas, I am planning to focus on plants that will do well with little or no additional irrigation. Maybe you also have been considering adding some drought tolerant plants or making your garden less dependent on irrigation?
Ripping out the entire landscape and replacing it with drought tolerant plants is counter productive, using up a valuable resource - your time. But maybe you are thinking about adding a new border or bed, or replacing some plants who did not live up to your expectations? Then consider those plants who will be happy with the water that Mother Nature provides.
Important to remember: drought tolerant is a trait of mature plants. Most will need supplemental water until they are established. The suggestions I am offering are by no means exhaustive, google drought tolerant plants and you will find many more options.

Drought tolerant perennials for sunny areas

Our favorites:

  • Coneflowers - Echinacea - all varieties
  • Coreopsis - Tickweed - newer selections don't flop
  • Gaillardia - Indian Blanket - neverending blooms
  • Geranium - Cranesbill - 'Rozanne' is perennial of the year
  • Hemerocallis - Daylilies - so many choices!
  • Iris - German/Bearded Iris - foliage might look ragged in drought, can be trimmed
  • Rudbeckia - Black-Eyed Susan - thrives on benign neglect
  • Leucathenum - Shasta Daisy - 'Becky' is our favorite for long bloom season and sturdy stems

Drought tolerant perennials for shady areas

Our favorites:

  • Acanthus - Bear's Breech - good for dry shade
  • Arum pictum - Arum - dormant in summer, lovely foliage through winter
  • Epimedium rubrum - Bishop's Hat/Mitre - spring bloomer
  • Tricyrtis formosana - Toadlily - fall bloomer

Additional Info

You will want to increase the effectiveness of your drought tolerant plants by mulching. Mulching reduces even further the amount of watering you'll need to do by holding in moisture at the base of the plants.

And last but certainly not least; drought-tolerant plants can create a beautiful garden that looks good with very little care. There will still be plenty to do if you love playing in the garden, but if you'd like to have a little time to sit and enjoy your lovely landscape, a drought-tolerant garden will free you from the endless needs of fussy plants.


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