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Gardening gives me fun and health and knowledge. It gives me laughter and color. It gives me pictures of almost incredible beauty.

~ John F. Kenyon~


Spring Plant Sale Fun

Visiting a garden center during spring is exciting! The plants are blooming, and the customers are happy. Going to a plant sale can be even more fun and is a great way to socialize with other gardeners. There are usually a couple of plant sales in the spring in most communities.

Some of my favorite plants were obtained on impulse at plant sales. In fact, those unplanned finds are one of the joys of going to sales. Besides finding new species or varieties to add to your garden, you sometimes find new ways of combining plants. Your creativity can get a real boost from seeing how other people make use of their space.

Getting that creative boost can be a huge asset when you get home with your impulse buy and find you have no idea how it will fit into your garden. Maybe your yard is completely shaded, but there you are, after a sale, with a trunk load of sun-loving coneflowers. Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about that, and there’s no possibility that I killed several gorgeous coneflowers before realizing the mistake!

Well-established, long running plant sales are fun because, besides the anticipation of finding something new and beautiful to watch grow, you also get to see people you might only see once or twice a year. Finding that you share an obsession about a certain type of plant with a total stranger, then running into each other a season or a year later to catch up is just neat at first. After you see that same person five or six times, though, you are catching up with a friend. 

Anticipating seeing old friends at sales is only surpassed by the anticipation of waiting for your new plants to bloom. Several years ago, I bought a hibiscus at a sale. It was deeply discounted because it was in a group that had gotten mixed up and had no tags. The first morning I stepped outside and saw a huge, coral-colored bloom with a picture perfect drop of dew on it made it worth far more than the $5 I paid for it.

Another reason gardeners look forward to plant sales is the amount of gardening knowledge concentrated in one place. You often find master gardeners, horticulturists, botanists and long time hobby gardeners who are willing to answer questions. Usually the people selling the plants are the people who grew them, so you get to talk directly to an expert - another lesson I learned from all those dead coneflowers. Ask questions! No one minds if you do.

While all of those good reasons to go to a plant sale are on your mind, I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to the Green Thumbs Galore Semi-Annual Driveway Plant Sale! There will be all sorts of new items; plants, bird feeders, chimes, garden sculptures, a fun game or two, and even a couple of experts on hand to answer your questions. Let's meet in person, here are the details:
Saturday, May 7, from 9-3
Sunday, May 8 from 12-4
The Driveway of  2 N Crest Rd.
Chattanooga, TN


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