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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

~ Albert Camus ~

Combination Planting

September was a month of surprises. We finally got some rain and were surprised to see our reblooming daylilies sent up scapes. We had given up hope to see blooms with the extremely hot and dry August.

It's time to put in spring flowering bulbs. Here in Tennessee, we are right on the edge for tulips. It's a hit and miss on whether they will return or pretend to be annuals. Some of our winters are just not cold enough to give them the proper 'chill'.

But daffodils and crocus come back year after year and multiply to bring us a hint of spring when most everything else still looks drab. As much as I love to see them bloom, I hate the way the spent foliage looks. Of course, cutting it off is not a solution since the bulbs gather energy from the dying foliage for blooms the next year.

Bulbs and Daylilies - Perfect Combination!

Both selections will perform best in a sunny location, bulbs prefer to be planted deep while daylilies like to be near the top. The foliage is somewhat similar, perfect camouflage!

How to Plant

Prepare the bed, amend with compost if necessary (clay soil etc). Plant the bulbs about 2 to 3 times as deep as they are thick. Plant the daylilies on top as usual. Maybe you have some daylilies that need dividing? Or visit our store for great selections.

No need to be careful to get them 'root-side down'. If you have ever seen commercial bulb planting machines working, millions of bulbs are planted randomly!

When to Plant

Try to get your plants in the ground no later than 4 weeks before your first hard freeze so roots have time to get established. Save some to put in a pot to force indoors!


Do not fertilize bulbs when planting them. The new tender roots don't care to come in contact with harsh fertilizer. Some folks recommend bone meal - maybe they are trying to sell you some? Avoid it, it emits an odor that tells rodents 'DIG HERE!'


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