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After this wet, wet summer, Mother Nature finally decided to be 'in season'. The temperatures are nice and cool and we are begining to see some of the soft autumn rains. Let's hope we won't be seeing any rain on our Driveway Sale weekend this year. I am so looking forward to meeting some of you and talking about your garden and plants. That's a lot more fun when the weather is cooperating!
Happy Fall Planting,

Green Thumbs Galore LLC

Create Winter Color with Hellebore

by Dava Stewart

There is still some color in my garden--the cannas are blooming right along, the knockout roses are still a vibrant pink, my potted hibiscus bravely blooms every day or two (though the blooms are getting smaller), there’s a bright yellow daylily shining like a beacon, and my surprise bloom - a pond lily! - floats pink and beautiful, shyly closing in the evening. There are buds on my brugmansia, too, which is exciting since this is my first attempt with that gorgeous plant.

But, as I stroll through the garden, I know that soon there will be no flowers and that most of my “gardening” will involve watering the houseplants. Mums and pansies are everywhere (!) but are among my least favorite plants. If you are facing this same (somewhat depressing) situation, you should consider transplanting some hellebores in the next month or two.

Hellebores provide interest in what may be an otherwise bleak winter garden. They begin blooming in January, right about the time most of us are desperately ready for some flowers. There is a stunning range of colors to choose from. Belle is especially fond of the ‘Lady’ series, developed by Gisela Schmiemann. The world is less without Gisela in it, but she left a legacy of beautiful flowers--something that can be said about few people.

The ‘Lady’ series includes ‘Blue Lady’, ‘Red Lady’, and many others. They are stunning. Besides blooms of many colors, there are also varieties of hellebore with double blooms. I don’t know about you, but anything with a double bloom fascinates me. It’s like double the pretty!

Hellebores are often described as a “shade loving plant” but they like morning sun and afternoon shade. They are not susceptible to many diseases or bugs or other problems and need little on-going care. Without any special care you get interesting foliage and gorgeous winter blooms!

In June, I wrote about growing hellebore from seed. The gist of that article was “Be patient. It takes a long time!” If you doubt your ability to patiently wait 3-5 years for your plants to fully mature, you should consider transplanting instead of starting seed. The prime time for transplanting hellebore is October to March.

It has been an exciting year in my garden. Attending the Green Thumbs Galore Spring Driveway Sale and building a new pond added all kinds of new plants (and animals!) to my garden. It’s been fun to see a whole tiny ecosystem develop, to anticipate buds opening, and even to realize some plants were in bad locations, or too close together.

Luckily for me (and for you!) the Green Thumbs Galore Fall Driveway Sale is rapidly approaching.  Belle will be there to give advice about what to plant now to keep the garden interesting throughout the cooler months. I’m not going to miss it, and you shouldn’t either.

On October 6 and 7, you are invited to our driveway at 2 North Crest Road in Chattanooga. Call or check our web site for directions.


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