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A statue in a garden is to be considered as one part of a scene or landscape.

~ Shenstone ~

Fall & Winter Color - Beyond Mums & Pansies

It's hard to believe that fall is just around the corner. Many of the summer bloomers are putting on their final show for the season and, soon, the garden will put on its fall and winter coat.

Garden magazines and books tell us to create a 'winter interest', mostly made up of evergreens and shrubs, interspersed with cold season annuals. BORING!
Here are some ways to surprise your garden visitors and bring smiles all season long.

Bottle Trees

There's lots of garden art but there's nothing like a bottle tree. You've never heard of bottle trees?
They have been around for centuries, touted to bring good luck to gardens and gardeners by trapping evil spirits inside the bottles. They come in all sizes and range in looks from gaudy to chic.
Any structure capable of holding a bottle will do. Bottles of all shapes and colors can be used. Do you have some empty bottles, possibly souvenirs from long ago trips, hiding in your closets or gathering dust on your shelves? Give them new life and relive the happy memories they represent every time you step out into your garden.
Don't have any special bottles? Start a collection now or gather plain bottles, glass paint and some friends and make happy memories.
Afraid your neighbors will be horrified? Be bold and horrify them! If you live in a more restricted or structured neighborhood or your taste in garden art is more classic, hang blown glass garden globes instead.

Bird Houses & Feeders

Functional, yet whimsical, from painted gourds to ceramic replicas of famous buildings, the choices are endless or so it seems. Have fun and visit one or more of the many country fairs and fall craft shows. Plan to come home with at least one new abode for your feathered friends. Turn a trip to the fair into a treasure hunt for the whole family, find out how much fun it is to find the most 'fill in the blank' birdhouse this afternoon.
Your feathered friends will delight you all season long.


I haven't met a hellebore I didn't like. The plants bring a smile to my face when they start sending up flower shoots in January. I can hear them whisper 'Spring is just around the corner'.
Long touted as shade plants, lenten roses are equally happy in the sun and, once established, will be drought tolerant. Probably their largest need is a good haircut removing all the ratty-looking foliage in early January.

Our Fall Driveway Sale is scheduled for October 3rd, 2009 from 9:00am to 3:00pm eastern time. Call or check our web site for directions.


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