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Your mind is your best camera . . . Go out and take some beautiful pictures.

~ Daryl Ryman ~

Magnificent in the Mundane

Think about the things you take pictures of, the moments you try to “capture.” If you browse through flick.r or other, similar sites, you will find almost limitless images of children, skies, flowers, and food. Finding the beauty in the everyday sustains, enlightens and leads us down the path of happiness.

If (like me) the image on the camera never quite matches the gorgeous one your eyes beheld - take heart! It is your mind that seeks out the beauty around you; the camera is simply a tool and it is a tool that can never quite do its job. No matter how good the photo, it will not be as lovely as being present to witness the freshly opened bloom cradling a drop of dew in the morning sun.

Spending a few minutes outside each day, no matter how hot or how cold it is, provides ample opportunity to see something beautiful. Even if your garden is full of weeds and everything is going to seed or the paint on your house is beginning to peel, the sky is open and huge, the horizon usually offers a lovely sight or, on a minuscule level, the veins in a leaf show a perfect pattern.

Perhaps it is the seeking of beauty that draws many of us to the garden as much as it is a need to connect with nature, to exercise, or to reap the mental health rewards of watching a plant sprout, grow and bloom. Through the ages, humans have noticed and attempted to recreate natural beauty through art, architecture, and even fashion, but with gardening we don’t recreate natural beauty so much as attempt to harness a small part of it to see each day.

In the lush spring time, it seems that beauty is everywhere. The colors of the sky, new leaves and sprouting grass are exciting to eyes accustomed to the gray hues of winter. But those winter grays hold their own beauty; the dark, almost purple look of trees against gray skies and the almost black and white look of the landscape have a distinct and stark allure.

With autumn just around the corner, spend a moment or two each day feasting your eyes on the splendor all around you, letting your mind be “the best camera.” You won’t regret it.

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