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The backbone of any land scape, shrub choices number many. Every garden needs structure and shrubs provide just that! Nothing brings a smile as quickly as a planting of winter jasmine in full bloom in January or the stunning display of confederate roses in the fall.

Confederate Rose - Hibiscus Mutabilis
The flowers open pale pink and change to a deep pink that is almost red by the second day after opening. Confederate Roses will reach 8 to 10 feet and thrive anywhere that they have time to open their flowers before fall frost.

Herbaceous Perennial in Zone 7, shrub or small tree in Zone 8 and above, sun to partial shade

Five (5) Unrooted Cuttings, approximately 8-10 inches long.
Flowering Quince
This shrub is equally at home in a rustic, informal garden or in a more formal setting, providing an attractive backdrop for spring flowers, bulbs, perennials, or brightening a dull, distant corner.

Zones 4 - 9, sun to partial shade

Five (5) Unrooted Cuttings, approximately 10 to 14 inches long.
Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine

This is a popular and reliable shrub, introduced from China in 1844, and widely grown as a climber, with the long flexible stems trained on or over horizontal wires and trellis. It is equally attractive if allowed to scramble freely down a bank, and can also be trained on a pole or pillar as a weeping shrub. It is also very beautiful when planted above retaining walls, with the branches cascading over the side. Easily touch-roots.

Zones 6 - 10, full sun to partial shade, sets of 5 unrooted cuttings

Five (5) Unrooted Cuttings, approximately 10 to 12 inches long.

Gelsemium Sempervirens - 'Margarita'

A reliable zone 6 Gelsemium? This is it! Hardy to minus 25 Fahrenheit.
Gelsemium 'Margarita' is a Gold Medal Award winner from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Evergreen vine with very fragrant flowers that appear in late winter or early spring. Glossy rich green leaves are about 2-4" long by 1/2" wide and grow in opposite pairs along wiry stems. The vine will grow 10-20 feet tall, and is used to quickly cover arbors, tree trunks, trellises, fences or other supports.

Zones 6 - 10, full sun to partial shade

One (1) Plant, 1/2 gallon pot size, 12 to 18 inches tall
Sold Out

Hydrangea quercifolia - Oakleaf Hydrangea

Covered with white panicles of flowers in late summer that emit a faint vanilla scent, and decorated with large burgundy leaves later in fall, this is a stunning plant and a great addition to any landscape!
Flower color does not vary with soil pH.

Zones 6 - 10, sun to partial shade, mature height 4 to 5 feet

One (1) Plant, ½gallon size, approximately 8 inches tall
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